2022 Favorite Photos

Despite 2022 being a difficult, if quiet, year for me personally and not really feeling the photography thing a whole lot I did manage to use a camera quite a bit. In no particular order here are a few photos I took that I like for one reason or the other or were noteworthy.


From June, we have synchronous fireflies around here and this way my attempt this summer in my backyard with the D850.


Also from June, some people on a rock face, Fuji X-H1.

Lunar Eclipse

This one isn’t very original or special but it got a lot of airtime on local and state news, the November 8th lunar eclipse, D850 this time as well.

RGB Light Portrait

Lastly, I have been sliding back into studio and portrait work this year but slowly. I picked up a pair of Godox LC-500Rs and have been using the RGB modes for some shots. I haven’t caught anything really super original this year on this front as it’s been slow and just sort of getting my feet back under me but I like the IRL split toning kind of look in this. Fuji X-H1 again.

Now time for some stats. This year I kept 4645 photos totalling 147GB. At least so far, I tend to do a year end cull in January so that number will likely head down. Specific camera stats below. Note this won't add up to the total due to some of those being from scanned in film, silly ancient floppy disk cameras that don't have modern metadata tags, borrowed cameras and so forth:

Camera Number of Photos
Nikon D850 1496
Nikon D7500 573
Nikon D800 183
Nikon D1X 53
Nikon D3s 37
Fuji X-H1 1134
Fuji X-T2 609
Fuji x100F 560

All data taken from Darktable. Look, don't judge me. I know I have a problem. It's only hording if you don't use it right?

295 photos had five stars and were edited. I only use one or five star ratings, it's either good or it's not.

My most used focal length was 23mm. I suspect that's because I use the x100f a lot and the Fuji 23mm prime often on the other two.