Among other things I'm a photographer, astronomer, physicist, mechanic, programmer and sys admin located in North Carolina. I've spent a great deal of time working with imaging systems all the way from spectrometers, astronomical CCD systems to your run-of-the-mill digital SLRs and rangefinders.

My photographic interests lean towards the editorial, but I do occasional landscape work as well.

I firmly believe in being open and sharing information, therefore almost everything I do is licensed under the Creative Commons.


There are no social media sharing buttons on this site to prevent your browsing data from leaking to the Silicon Valley data collection firms. If you want to share something here with your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc you'll need to copy and paste a link. Although in all honesty I'd prefer it if you just deleted your account with them.

This site has the usual nginx access and error log for diagnostic and security purposes. However, that only records an IP address and is only used to check for bad actors. Mostly bots looking for exploits, etc. I do not block VPNs so if you're worried about you IP address being recorded please feel free to use one.

Contact Me:

Email: leander@one-button.org

I frequent a few places online, I can usually be found on these places:



IRC: lord_helmet on LiberaChat, ChatJunkies and others

Flickr: l.hutton